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Civicom offers services in the following general areas:

Phone Conferencing – You’ve just stumbled across the best conferencing service on the planet and we’d love to have a chance to tell you why we believe it is so. It starts with lots of value added features — many offered only by Civicom — delivered with perfect reliability, clarity and customer care excellence. Our enhanced offerings include elevated security and hands-free convenience. Advanced technologies enable all this at a low price so you get the best possible value. Call us at 203-618-1811, or chat, or sign up.

Marketing Research Support Services – Civicom applies advanced web and telecom technologies to marketing research. We facilitate remote research including web-based IDIs and focus groups (CyberFacility™), mobile qualitative research (Civicom InSitu®), bulletin board ideation and qualitative research (Civicom Chatterbox®), and panel recruiting. If you do marketing research, we will truly be your support partner and our goal is to help you raise the bar on your client satisfaction.

Event Calls - Civicom operators use the most advanced tools in the industry to assist with your every unique need on your conference call.

Web Conferencing – Civicom offers several solutions from simple and inexpensive to full-featured collaboration tools that allow you to share applications, chat, show webcams and videos, draw, and more over the web. Participants go to a simple web address to join.

Webinars – We’ll manage your webinar for you. You can charge for attendance and ensure accurate attendee identification with unique conference entry codes. We’ll send your participants reminders leading up to the conference and give you updates on how many people have signed up and joined at each step.

Transcriptions - Send us an audio file and we’ll deliver transcribed documents in a timeframe that suits your schedule and budget. Our TranscriptionWing™ business unit offers four hour turn-around time for rush transcription needs and one week turnaround for the budget conscious.

Dial-A-Note™ - Dial, speak your notes, and we will transcribe the note and either send it to you by email or enter it directly into your CRM system. This service will increase sales force productivity, save you money, improve your records, improve employee satisfaction, and enable management to set higher accountability standards.

Custom Telephony Development - Need a solution that just isn't out there? We'll make it for you.

This is a list of Buy-It-Forward companies — those permanently committed to giving a significant part of their profits to worthy causes.

Why does Buy-It-Forward make sense? More success means more money to their causes. And more companies doing this means more money to the worthiest causes. Read the vision.

Why should you support these companies? Because it costs
you nothing and it will make the world better. Any questions? The Buy-It-Forward idea is, in itself, a cause worthy of support. When "BIF" companies succeed, others will follow their lead.

Transcriptionwing build tools to make your transcription experience seamless. Each feature was designed so that a few quick-clicks are all you need to upload your audio and inform our transcribers of any special requests or instructions.

We build tools to make your transcription experience seamless.

All clients trust us to keep all proprietary information confidential. We go to great lengths to ensure this is a priority throughout our organization.

Whether you need your document back in 2 days or just 4-hours, we’ve got you covered.


Dial-A-Note is the first phone to CRM solution that combines technology and intelligence. The idea is simple. You dictate to your phone (no prompts, just speak); then we process the audio file and the information gets placed directly into the
fields of your CRM system.

EZ Bookkeeping provides clients with the following services:

Accounting and Bookkeeping, Income Tax Business Tax, Strategic Consulting including Business Plan & Sales Strategy, Business License Applications, Translations, Notary Services, and Payroll

People may have business associates or family and friends who struggle to do their own taxes every year. This office ensures that their individual tax needs will be handled in a confidential and professional manner. Nohemi Morales can always accommodate new clients in her 3rd floor office at 16 King Street.

Kindly call (914) 481- 8828 for an appointment.

(914) 481-8822

Gergana Genova specializes in Immigration, Matrimonial & Family law; however, the firm is also associated with of counsel attorneys who specialize in Criminal Defense, Personal Injury and other matters. The Law Office of Gergana Genova handles all aspects of Immigration Law, such as but not limited to - Family Petitions, Executive action programs (DACA, DAPA, provisional unlawful presence waiver), Removal Defense, Citizenship, Asylum and Waivers.

In addition, attorney Genova is fully versed with contested and uncontested matrimonial proceedings and family court proceedings, which involve disputes related to maintenance, equitable distribution of the matrimonial estate, child support, paternity, orders of protection. The first consultation is always free.

Ballet des Ameriques is a non-profit organization that offers a pre-professional dance training program to students from age 4 to 19. The curriculum includes classical and modern dance, solfege, dance history, anatomy, and music classes.

Carole Alexis, the artistic director, is a professional dancer who studied with Maurice Bejart. She is a talented and recognized choreographer and has created several unique shows.

The attention to detail, passion for perfection, and dedication to each and every student make it a one-of-a-kind institution.

Ballet des Ameriques is proud to have a state-of-the-art studio and hence provide students with the best experience. Please visit us at www.balletdesameriques.com

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